Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Main Street

Fast Facts about Main Street Columbia SC
  • Over $200 million dollars has been invested on Main Street over the last five years and another $100 million to be completed in the next two years. It has created wonderful public spaces, office buildings, apartments, condos, and retail spaces.
  • There are now over 235 people living in a three-block stretch of Main Street.
  • The City Center Partnership provides Hospitality Services to downtown residents, visitors, and employees by our yellow shirted Safety Guides. This service includes vehicular or pedestrian escorts anywhere with he downtown district - great for a ride home from your favorite restaurant or a walk to the bank with a friendly Safety Guide by your side.
  • Shopping is quickly becoming a reality on Main Street - 10 new downtown shops and services opened in 2007 and much more to come. Street level retail is now priority #1 for downtown! They City of Columbia and City Center Partnership have invested in a retail strategy/implementation plan to compliment the existing revitalization of Main Street.


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